• Airservices selects Performance Optimiser

    Airservices Australia will be the first export customer of the Performance Optimiser (PO) digital platform developed by McLaren Deloitte and NATS. Scheduled for launch in mid-2019, the cloud-based PO is designed to improve decision making on airspace use. It employs the concept of the

  • Czech Republic plans UTM system

    The Czech Republic is continuing to develop a national unmanned air system (UAS) traffic management (UTM) system, after air navigation service provider ANS CR on 15 February announced its intention to sign a co-operation agreement with industry. ANS CR aims to create a defined framework for

  • UAV misuse: UK government accelerates moves to extend no-fly boundary

    The UK government on 20 February confirmed it is extending the no-fly boundary zone for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to 5 km from the end of airport runways. The accelerated legislation comes into force on 13 March, as the government seeks to address aviation safety concerns following recent

  • UK suggests new airspace redesign regime

    The UK government has released a Green Paper to consult on broadening its airspace allocation powers as it plans for the post-Brexit future. The government wants airports to co-operate on optimising airspace usage, especially in the heavily congested southeast UK, and it may ask for legal powers to

  • Council, European Parliament agree unilateral post-Brexit measures

    The two legislative branches of the European Union agreed a draft regulatory package of measures on 19 February to avert disruption in passenger and air freight connectivity between the EU and UK, if there is a no-deal Brexit on 29 March. The draft regulation awaits the outcome of Brexit and would

  • EU agrees open skies deal with Philippines

    The European Union (EU) and the government of the Philippines have concluded an air services agreement that commits the southeast Asian country to open airport slots for European airlines. The deal, which operates provisionally until formal approval is given by the European Parliament, incorporates

Airports Airports

  • Europe hails small victories in the green campaign

    As flight volumes and passenger numbers continue their upward trajectory, it is becoming even harder to make a discernible difference in reducing the environmental impact of aviation The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in co-operation with the European Environment Agency and Eurocontrol,


  • Interview: Ben Marcus, Chairman AirMap

    Safety and security aspects associated with operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) remain in the public eye after a spate of high-profile temporary airport shutdowns, most recently on 15 February at Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. Industry and regulators are co-operating

Equipment Equipment

  • Panus continues electric GSE product development

    Thai manufacturer broadens its range of fully electric, zero-emission pushback tractors Panus Assembly, owner of the Bliss-Fox brand of ground support equipment (GSE), is introducing a line of all-electric pushbacks onto the market following the launch of the green F1-340E in 2018. The company

Security Security

  • Rapiscan raises the curtain on ORION

    Rapiscan has launched the first products in its new ORION range of security inspection devices, for faster and more accurate checkpoint screening of bags and small parcels. Three new solutions (the 918CX, 920CX, and 922CX) were announced on 28 January with additional models