• AI enables proactive video surveillance

    Finland-based startup Marshall AI has developed a security management platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which analyses digital video feeds in real time. “This software comes on top of existing infrastructure, which makes the currently reactive video surveillance proactive,

  • Aireon creates precise position validation

    As the launch programme for the Aireon space-based ADS-B system proceeds with a scheduled entry into operational service in late 2018, its developers have explored one major new benefit: an independent position validation solution. “We’ve been researching this for the past four years

  • FLEET makes voyage to Middle East

    Vanderlande Industries showcased its FLEET baggage-handling solution to a Middle Eastern audience for the first time on 7-9 May during the Airport Show in Dubai. FLEET replaces fixed conveyors and sorting systems with autonomous vehicle technology, to transport individual bags to the desired output

  • CT users will receive training to match, say Battelle and STI

    US-based Battelle and STI of Germany have teamed up to offer interactive computer-based training for computed tomography (CT) screeners. Under a representation agreement, Battelle and STI are collaborating to bring Battelle ProDetect CT/3D and IED Recognition training software to market. While

  • Sweden funds biofuel plan

    The Swedish government is investing about SEK100 million over the next three years to encourage greater use of forest-derived sustainable aviation biofuel. The Swedish Energy Agency is leading the effort. It is supporting research and development, and by 2021 it will produce a common needs analysis

  • Close the gap, AAAE reminds Congress

    The disparity in the United States between ancillary fees collected by airlines, and local Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) levied by airports, continued in 2017. As part of its long-running campaign for Congress to endorse a higher PFC cap – which has remained unchanged since 2000 - the

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  • Wind power meets 10% of Royal Schiphol Group energy needs

    Royal Schiphol Group, green energy supplier Eneco, and the Dutch municipality of Vianen have opened a new wind farm capable of supplying 10% of total energy needs at Schiphol, Lelystad, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam the Hague airports. The Vianen windfarm includes three turbines, two of which will


  • DroneShield passes independent certification tests in US

    Australia-based DroneShield has cleared an obstacle preventing deployment of its unmanned aerial system (UAS) detection technology at airports in the United States, after independent testing laboratory 360°RF deemed that it does not interfere with civil aviation communications and navigation

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  • High-visibility system augments surface safety

    US start-up AirEL is providing illuminated and thermal identification for emergency response and ground support vehicles at airports, enhancing overall safety and security. The AirEL Illuminated Thermal Identification System is designed to improve the ability of tower controllers, ground handlers,

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  • Narita holds CT auditions

    Checkpoint computed tomography (CT) systems have been trialled at Tokyo Narita, as Japanese aviation officials prepare for a spike in traffic surrounding the 2020 Olympic Games. A single ConneCT machine underwent two weeks of live operational tests. “Data from these airport trials is