• Civilian airliner crashes in Ukraine, believed to have been shot down

    A commercial aircraft operated by Malaysia Airlines crashed with nearly 300 passengers on board while flying over the contested Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine on 17 July. As of this writing it was unclear what caused the incident, but Ukrainian government officials stated that the aircraft was

  • Hamas threatens civil aviation

    Hamas has explicitly warned international airlines against flying into Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport, while Israel continues its military operation against rocket fire aimed at its citizens. In a statement released on 9 July, the Islamist terror group advised carriers “against

  • Beating the body bombers: How realistic is the threat of an endo-bomb and how can it be counteracted?

    The latest enhanced screening measures on international flights into and out of the US has reawakened concerns that Islamist terrorists are planning to carry out an attack on airports or aircraft, using improvised explosive devices (IEDs), possibly planted subcutaneously or planted in body cavities.

  • See our wraparound cover celebrating 25 years of IHS Jane's Airport Review

    This month we are celebrating 25 years of IHS Airport Review. Click here to view our 25th anniversary supplement for free which lets you re-live a few of the key aviation changes the world has experienced over the past two decades.

  • Karachi Airport attack indicates Pakistan Taliban will expand targets to include industrial and aviation assets over next six months

    Key Points On 8 June 2014, 28 people - including 10 attackers - were killed when militants affiliated to the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) infiltrated and attacked the cargo terminal at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport. The attack, which was the largest operation carried out so far by the

  • Pakistan faces tough security challenges

    The Airports Security Force forms the cornerstone of aviation infrastructure protection in Pakistan Airports in Pakistan are adding security measures as they face the constant threat of terrorist attacks. The terminal facing the largest threat is Bacha Khan International Airport in Peshawar, the

  • US refines exit gate strategy

    The need to boost throughput is driving adoption of automated exit gate systems In early 2014 a coalition of US airports and industry organisations persuaded US lawmakers to block a move by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to force airports to take over security of all terminal exit

  • New Qatar hub opens at last

    Officials at the new Hamad International Terminal (HIA) in Doha, which finally opened with a soft launch on 30 April 2014, could consider a second terminal before the 2022 FIFA World Cup if passenger demand exceeds expectations, the CEO of Qatar’s national airline said. Qatar Airways is to

  • MH370 prompts EASA paper on flight tracking

    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will publish a position paper on how to better track an aircraft in flight and under water in the next days, the agency’s executive director Patrick Ky told IHS Jane’s in an exclusive interview. The document comes after almost two months of

  • Bali incident elicits effective response

    Virgin Australia Airlines reported a flight emergency after a male passenger attempted to gain access to the cockpit of a Brisbane-Bali flight on 25 April. The intoxicated and aggressive passenger banged on the door of the cockpit but did not enter, according to the airline. Crew members seized the

  • Palm Beach hosts first live test for new ARFF training aid

    Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) in Florida broke new ground on 2 April when it conducted a full-scale emergency response exercise using an inflatable mockup fuselage. The aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) exercise, held every three years in accordance with Federal Aviation

  • Google moves into civil UAV sector with Titan deal

    Internet search giant Google has acquired unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer Titan Aerospace for an undisclosed fee, Titan announced on 14 April. The announcement comes after the firm was linked with social media firm Facebook in March. Titan unveiled its Solara range of solar-powered

  • April 15: Latest AIS chart shows search for MH370

    A fleet of ships continued the search for missing flight MH370 today off the coast of western Australia. Over the past 24 hours, the group consisting of the Chinese search & rescue ships Nan Hai Jiu 101 and Dong Hai Jiu 101, along with Australian warships HMAS Success, HMAS Perth and offshore

  • Latest movements on Day 26 of MH370 search

    As the search for missing flight MH370 entered its 26th day, AIS Live data showed the latest movements of the vessels involved in the continuing operation. HMS Echo appears to have taken up position at the northern end of the search area, whilst the Australian operated Ocean Shield appears to be

  • MH370 mystery offers food for thought

    In the modern era of information superiority with global radar, transponders and satellite coverage, we can be forgiven for thinking that it would be impossible for a widebody passenger aircraft to vanish. Yet this is what happened with Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. The B-777-200ER aircraft left

  • Mobile ATC develops rapidly deployable systems

    Mobile ATC displayed two new products at World ATM Congress, part of a range of rapidly deployable air traffic control (ATC) towers for military and civil applications. The company's fully mobile elevating tower is deployed in Afghanistan by the UK Royal Air Force, US military, and NATO. Mobile

  • Sochi Games: Getting the word out on threats

    Despite the aviation security alerts surrounding the Winter Olympics from 7-23 February 2014, there were no terrorist outrages; the spotlight shone instead on the pageantry of the Games and the excitement of international competition. However, in the context of the Volgograd railway station bombing

  • Europe prepares for another ETS showdown

    The European Parliament (EP) is pushing the EU towards a potential clash with the United States, China and others over trading carbon emissions from non-EU airlines. Expansion of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) to airlines flying in and out of the EU was frozen in November 2012 - pending a

  • Can smart technology improve our airport experience?

    Premium-class passengers with Virgin Atlantic are the first to experience Google Glass technology as they arrive at Heathrow Airport, under a six-week pilot scheme assisted by SITA which started on 10 February. Concierge staff in the airline’s Upper Class Wing are using Google Glass and other

  • Alternative energy may aid perimeter protection

    Perimeter breaches are a perennial problem for airport security agencies, borne out in TSA statistics that commercial airports in the United States have reported more than 1,300 breaches of their security perimeters since 9/11. The issue was underlined in December 2013 by two incidents in the