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08 March 2017
Six winners were chosen from an overall field of 41 entries for the 2017 Awards. Source: IHS Markit/Patrick Allen

Jane's recognised cutting-edge achievements in air traffic management (ATM) on 7 March 2017, in a ceremony held during World ATM Congress in Madrid

The 17th annual Jane's ATC Awards included entries from major consortia as well as relative newcomers to the airspace management industry, with 41 nominations received in total.

Contenders were shortlisted and pared down to the winning entry in each category by a panel of experienced judges from the SESAR Joint Undertaking, Eurocontrol, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA), and Jane's .

The winners are summarised below, with honourable mentions for those shortlisted entries that came close.

Enabling Technology Award: Eurocontrol on behalf of iStream partners

The winning project for the Enabling Technology Award was iStream. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)The winning project for the Enabling Technology Award was iStream. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)

The winning project for the Enabling Technology Award was iStream.

The iStream arrivals management project involved Aéroports de Paris (now Paris Aéroport), Air France, DSNA, Eurocontrol, Lufthansa, Swiss Air Lines, skyguide, and Flughafen Zurich. It aligned with the SESAR Pilot Common Project, Calculated Take-off Time to Target Times for ATFCM purposes.

Almost 7,000 trial flights, completed in 2016, showed that locally generated Target Times, as a complement to departure regulation, can be used to improve arrival management at Paris Charles de Gaulle and Zurich. The trials resulted in reduced ATC delays, lower holding times, and fewer radar vectors providing improved flight efficiency with benefits for airspace users and passengers.


AOPA on behalf of partners NATS, Trig Avionics, f.u.n.k.e Avionics - Project EVA: Electronic Visibility via ADS-B

Irish Aviation Authority, Dublin Airport Authority, Stobart Air - Remote provision of air traffic services for two medium-sized airports

NATS on behalf of partners Airbus, Altys, ARINC, ENAV, Honeywell, Leonardo, Rockwell Collins, SITA - ELSA: Enhanced Large Scale ATN deployment

Service Provision Award: AEROTHAI

AEROTHAI won in the Service Provision category for its ATFM Platform. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)AEROTHAI won in the Service Provision category for its ATFM Platform. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)

In Thailand, air navigation service provider AEROTHAI launched a bespoke Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Platform that is ready for a System Wide Information Management (SWIM) environment. The platform can support strategic, pre-tactical, and tactical ATFM. It is used to support the multi-stakeholder Distributed Multi-Nodal ATFM Operational Trial in the Asia-Pacific region.

With the ATFM Platform, applications can be created using built-in Application Program Interface (API) to support dynamic ATFM in various capacity-constrained areas, including airports, fixes as well as en-route sectors. Using the API to interact with the platform, the ATFM platform can be infinitely expanded without losing information integrity.


Austro Control/Slovenia Control - SAXFRA Slovenian Austrian cross-border free route airspace

US Federal Aviation Administration - Data Comm Program

Vietnam ATM Corporation - Hanoi ATCC complex

Technology Award: Frequentis

Frequentis won the Technology Award for a major project in Brazil. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)Frequentis won the Technology Award for a major project in Brazil. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)

In Brazil Frequentis is working with DECEA to develop next-generation ATM infrastructure based on software-defined networking, to cover 22-million square kilometres of airspace. The project began in 2012 with a planned final rollout in 2019. Site acceptance testing and installation has progressed to a level where the migration of network traffic can begin in 2017.

IP-based infrastructure supports dynamic operational demands such as reconfiguration of FIR boundaries, contingency operation situations, sharing of infrastructure, enhancement of overall service levels, and future implementation of next-generation ATM applications such as SWIM.


Booz Allen Hamilton - Statistical Methods for Departure Prediction (SMDP) predictive models

Leonardo - Systematic Modernisation of ATM Resources in Turkey (SMART) project

Raytheon - Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS)

Innovation Award: CGH Technologies

ASSET from CGH Technoogies was the winning entry in the Innovation category. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)ASSET from CGH Technoogies was the winning entry in the Innovation category. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)

ASSET from CGH Technologies Inc is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) AIM package operational with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), as the first ever contract the air navigation service provider (ANSP) awarded outside Europe. Swiss ANSP skyguide is also implementing the modular, open-architecture, permissions-based solution.

By using ASSET, the IAA has migrated mainly paper-based functions to a web-based service, enabling the ANSP to reassign finite resources to other areas. Implementation has been an occasionally complex process: the ASSET Drone Registry, for example, required AIXM, XML and CSV data standard formats; compliance with ICAO, ISO, OGC, ADQ, and data security standards; and co-ordination with WGS-84 and the Irish National Grid.


Speed, Travis AFB, Energy Siting Clearinghouse - Techniques to improve performance of ATC radars over wind farms

Micro Nav - Automatic Display Alignment System (ADAS)

Sunhillo - UAS Connector

Runway Award: DSNA, Groupe ADP, and partners

DSNA, Groupe ADP, and partners picked up the Runway Award. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)DSNA, Groupe ADP, and partners picked up the Runway Award. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)

DSNA and Groupe ADP worked with Air France, easyJet, Eurocontrol, and the SESAR JU on the first deployment of RunWay Status Lights (RWSL) in Europe, at Paris Charles de Gaulle.

The RWSL was commissioned on Runway 09R/27L in October 2016, and it will be deployed on Runway 08L/26R by the third quarter of 2017. DSNA and Groupe ADP expect serious runway incursions to be cut by 50-70% at CDG with the RWSL.

The RWSL is a fully automatic, advisory safety system designed to provide crews and vehicle drivers with immediate, accurate and clear indication of the runway occupancy status. The system generates visual alerts, taking into consideration the traffic situation as provided by ground surveillance (A-SMGCS) in the ATC system.


Boeing - Simultaneous parallel runway curved approaches by designing RNP AR and RNPe

Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans) - Approach Peak Offload Procedure (APO)

Indra Navia and NATS - Optimised Low Visibility Operations (OLVP)

Environment Award: DFS on behalf of ODP consortium partners

A DFS-led team won the Environment Award for SESAR ODP. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)A DFS-led team won the Environment Award for SESAR ODP. (IHS Markit/Patrick Allen)

In November 2016 a consortium led by German ANSP DFS completed the last of almost 11,500 demonstration flights under the SESAR Optimised Descent Profiles (ODP) project. The ODP aimed to foster Continuous Descent Operations (CDOs) from the highest flight level possible down to the destination airport, allowing for a seamless and continuous descent across ACC/UAC boundaries, and thereby improving vertical flight efficiency in mid- to high-density airspace.

A total of 33 arrival flows to nine airports were defined to optimise the vertical profile or to implement CDOs. At the end of the project, 17 optimised arrival flows were implemented permanently. On an annual basis there is the potential to save about 3,400 tonnes of fuel, 10 tonnes of CO 2 , and 59 tonnes of NO x emissions per year.


NAVBLUE on behalf of RISE consortium - RNP Implementation Synchronised in Europe (RISE)

Thales and SESAR - TOPLINK demonstration of Collaborative Decision Making for aviation

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    ZNZ/HTZA AIRFIELD REF PT.: S06 13.20 E039 13.30 ELEVATION : 54' 16m CFR : 9 MAX RWY LENGTH : 9,865' 3,007 m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 18/36, 9,865' 3,007 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt, PCN 42 F/A/W/T. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : None. RUNWAY LIGHTING : Rwy 18: LIRL, SALS, PAPI.Rwy 36: LIRL, SALS,


    WKF/FAWK AIRFIELD REF PT.: S25 49.48 E028 13.21 ELEVATION : 4940' 1506m CFR : 0 MAX RWY LENGTH : 11,000' 3,353m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 01/19, 11,001' 3,353 m, width 148' 45 m, ashphalt. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : Rwy 06/24 6,299'1920 m width 148'45 m, asphalt NAVIGATION AIDS : VORTAC


    BEN/HLLB AIRFIELD REF PT.: N32 05.49 E020 16.10 ELEVATION : 433' 132m CFR : 0 MAX RWY LENGTH : 11, 732' 3,576 m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 15R/33L, 11, 732' 3,576 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : Rwy 15L/33R, 11, 732' 3,576 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt. NEAREST TOWN/CITY :


    None/VVCL AIRFIELD REF PT.: N11 56.34 W108 24.54 ELEVATION : 4937' 1505m CFR : 0 MAX RWY LENGTH : 4,560' 1,390 m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 10L/28R, 4,560' 1,390 m, asphalt NAVIGATION AIDS : NDB (ID DL, 385 kHz). FREQUENCY : 118.3 MHz. ALTERNATIVE NAME(S) : Dalat. NEAREST TOWN/CITY :


    None/VVCI AIRFIELD REF PT.: N20 49.09 E106 43.29 ELEVATION : 13' 4m CFR : 0 MAX RWY LENGTH : 10,007' 3,050 m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 07/25, 10,007' 3,050 m, asphalt. NAVIGATION AIDS : VOR-DME, NDB. NEAREST TOWN/CITY : Catbi. AIRFIELD OPERATOR : Northern Airports Services Company, Hai


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