ConneCT passes TSA certification milestone

12 September 2017
ConneCT is now certified for installation at a US airport checkpoint under a TSA Innovation Task Force initiative. Source: Analogic

Analogic Corporation announced on 12 September it has obtained Advanced Technology (AT) certification from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for its ConneCT checkpoint screening system.

Since unveiling ConneCT in March at Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam, Analogic won its first order for the system in June from American Airlines. Analogic is supplying an undisclosed number of ConneCT systems to the airline, with deployment set to begin imminently.

ConneCT has already been demonstrated by the TSA (working with American Airlines) in a checkpoint lane of Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport; the AT certification goes a step further by enabling ConneCT to be installed at an airport checkpoint lane, as part of a TSA Innovation Task Force initiative. The Task Force is also assessing checkpoint CT systems from L3 Security & Detection Systems (ClearScan) and IDSS Holdings (Detect 1000).

ConneCT is designed to accelerate checkpoint screening by allowing passengers to keep their liquids, aerosols, gels (LAGs), and personal electronic devices inside their carry-on bags. It combines dual-energy patented CT technology with advanced algorithms to deliver automated threat detection. As a result the operator can see each bag in 3D and in 360°, to reveal prohibited items.

“The system is designed to offer the lowest cost of ownership and keeps the travelling public moving through airports faster and safer than ever before,” said Analogic president and CEO Fred Parks.

Operational overheads are kept low - and the capability of the system is maintained – with open-source Linux software that can be updated quickly by any authorised third-party software developer, without the need for intervention from Analogic as the original equipment manufacturer.

Analogic operates a 500,000 ft2 [46,451 m2] facility in Massachusetts; speaking to Jane’s in June, Mark Laustra, vice-president of global business development and government relations, said the company is ready to produce ConneCT units in quantity.

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