TLD wins KLM electric loader contest

17 November 2017
The TXL-838-reGen electric cargo loader. Source: TLD

Dutch flag carrier KLM will start replacing its lower deck loader fleet in early 2018 as part of its green strategy. The airline (part of Air France-KLM) will move to a fully electric fleet of cargo loaders having formally selected TLD as a supplier following an almost year-long performance assessment of various systems.

KLM carried out extensive tests on all candidates and concluded that the TXL-838-reGen loader from TLD demonstrated the best capability to perform the full daily duty cycle on a single battery charge.

The TXL-838-reGen is a self-propelled, dual-platform electrical loader designed to handle containers and pallets weighing up to 7,600 kg. It is available in various configurations to service different sizes of commercial aircraft.

Features include a patented system, designed by TLD, to improve energy consumption and battery life. The power-management system includes the transfer into super-capacitors of energy that is usually lost when the elevator platform descends, as well as a ‘direct-drive’ system that prevents hydraulic circuit energy losses. Electrical components on the TXL-838-reGen are 80 V and off the shelf.

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