• Poland seeks GBAS provider for Kraków

    The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA), is seeking offers from industry to design, deliver equipment, and commission a ground-based augmentation system (GBAS) at John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport. The deadline for bids is 14 May. The planned Category I GBAS solution

  • Demonstration project moves Europe closer to trajectory-based operations

    An Airbus-led project is under way to show the benefits of sharing trajectory data between pilots and controllers, after the company received in March the first A320 equipped with Future Air Navigation System (FANS) C avionics. EasyJet is one of seven airlines participating in the SESAR Very Large

  • Display provider rebrands as ScioTeq

    Esterline has rebranded its Advanced Displays business unit, which includes high resolution LCD displays for air traffic control (ATC) and avionics markets, as ScioTeq. Products include the LCD and graphics capabilities acquired from the legacy Barco display business in 2015, and the Codis display

  • Demonstration flights deliver GAINS for general aviation

    General aviation (GA) operators are to benefit from using satellite navigation guidance to fly instrument procedures with radius-to-fix (RF) legs, under the General Aviation Improved Navigation and Surveillance (GAINS) project. RF legs are more precise, curved flight paths that previously were only

  • Norway to test green benefits of UTM

    Indra is to collaborate with the University of South-Eastern Norway and Andoya Space Centre in Pilot-T unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) tests that are set to conclude in 2021. Pilot-T is co-funded by the Norwegian government as it seeks to implement UTM as a method of enabling

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  • Airlines complete pivot in Istanbul

    Atatürk is now shut after 66 years, as all airlines shifted operations to the newer Istanbul Airport All airlines at Istanbul Atatürk completed the transfer of operations to the new Istanbul Airport on 5–6 April, in what Istanbul Airport operator iGA described as “the biggest
  • PTE 2019: Collins Aerospace broadens biometric portfolio

    Collins Aerospace has supplied its new SelfPass biometric passenger processing system for trials in Ireland (Dublin Airport), the UK (Bristol Airport), and the US (with airline JetBlue at New York JFK Terminal 5). “We won’t do the actual biometric facial matching service,”
  • Heathrow trials digital ID with a difference

    An ongoing trial at Heathrow Airport is highlighting the benefits that digital identity can bring to passenger convenience and airport operational efficiency, according to London-based technology developer YOTI. The trial creates a digital identity before travelling. “We’ve proven that



    PIS/LFBI AIRFIELD REF PT.: N46 35.15 E000 18.24 ELEVATION : 423' 129m CFR : 5 MAX RWY LENGTH : 7,710' 2,350 m General Information SURFACE : Rwy 03/21, 7,710' 2,350 m, width 148' 45 m, asphalt, PCN 44 F/C/W/T. ADDITIONAL RUNWAYS : Rwy 03R/21L, 2,297' 700 m, width 148' 60 m, grass, Rwy 03L/21R,